Navjyot Singh 

Hi, Navjyot Singh is a coder, content maker and a freelance developer who's pursuing an undergraduate Engineering degree in Computer Science. He started out as a web developer but later picked up the mobile as his favourite platform to develop applications. A Writer by day and coder by night is loathed to discuss himself as the third person but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.
He spends far too much of his time on the web, keeping one eye on Twitter and the other on news sources to ensure he doesn't miss out on any new products!

More about me

My Intrest in Flutter

I am an ardent fan of the new Flutter toolkit from Google. Want to see more about it? Check out the flutter section of the application.

What is my Dream Job?

Part of the reason I'm learning to code is that I want to be able to put my own ideas into practice. My dream 'job' would be to build my own product and be responsible for the entire experience from design through to implementation. 


I also work on external client projects. To know more about my work hit me up at my mail navjyot.marwah1@gmail.com.