Wednesday, October 7, 2020

One out of four people learned to code this lockdown research says

Not everyone wasted their precious time. There are Some people those chose to use their free time in learning the new stuff.

A survey done by Boxboat on more than 1000 people delved into what skills they were improving and how they went about learning them.

These are some of the top languages learned by people during the lockdown.

The python language as expected topped the list followed by java and C++. 

People surveyed were asked the question "What areas of technology did you learn or improve during covid-19 ?"
The result came out as follows

 It has been observed that greatest motivation for the people setting out to improve their skills were career development (55%), personal development (46%), and improving job search prospects (33%).

When the above data is broken then you'll get to know that 3 out of 4 millennials learned some tech skill .

Boosting your resume had been easier than ever now a days with this trend which is going on.

Free content provider like YouTube were source for up to 2/3 of the people to upskill while 1/3 of people choose to pave their upskilling path with the help of paid resources.

Despite the lockdown which halted the economy of all countries all around the world and was indeed very necessary the data shows there are more no of people who have upskilled them.

On average, people spent nearly about 7 hours per week in upskilling themselves in tech field. 
Those who lost their jobs were seen spending about 8 hours weekly. Millennials and students spent the most time learning coding and programming languages each week at about 10 hours, while improving telecommunication proficiency required the least study time at just over 6 hours.
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