Sunday, June 7, 2020

Don't let fear keep you for building that application.

Just have a look around you. From a child to elderly persons, everyone is busy on their mobile phones. This is the new age of the Mobile phone.

I don't know whether this new trend is going to continue or stop but due to this, increasing internet connectivity is coming more from mobile phones and we have to accept this.fact.

The new mobile age.

Are you into some business? Or do you have an idea? Or you want to make your presence in the industry? Are the apps something you have always talked about getting into, but you didn't know how to get started or whether it will able to cope with the current market.

It's absolutely beautiful, you're not alone in this. I bet you're absolutely killing it. You just need to do some research, and you are done and do remember this is the new mobile age.

You got your app idea.

I'll make an assumption that you need your next application so badly, and you have already got some idea in your mind and pictured it how it's going to look after it developed.

The next step which you must be thinking of now is "How to code?." but let me tell you that building your app without any knowledge is just like building your future home with your own hands without any experience. Just like you got to find tools, materials, and how to use them before making your house, .you need to find a suitable machine, software, books, and tutorials before proceeding to start building that application.
There are dedicated websites and youtube channels for these.

You can build the application from scratch all by yourself, but it will take ten times more time, so what's the solution for this? Let's see.

How to proceed without coding knowledge

If you're not a pro coder or simply don't want to learn to code and you got some money in your pocket. There are tons and tons of people around the world who are ready to build your applications. You can simply hire them. The advantage here is you can get what you are looking for in a shorter amount of time and with much accuracy.

If you don't hire someone who can do it for you or you, don't delegate out this to the right professional. Congratulation on your new hobby! You can call yourself a coder now.

I admit the fact that it takes years to master the art of coding and bringing out that professionalism, but it is not soo difficult. There are some tips and tricks which you need to look into before proceeding. So if learning to code is the mere reason that you are not in the app game right now, then you just need to admit you are afraid.

Pro-tip for dealing with fear

My favorite pro tip for dealing with this type of fear in your business is simply to examine it. Is it a reasonable fear? Meaning, should you be afraid? If so, you can fix that completely. There's definitely something wrong with the idea or the implementation, so fix it. If not, just ignore it.

Find a mentor to guide you through all this, get the pro to build it out for you just ignore the fear.

There are millions of apps on play store that are already earning in millions, and you can be one of them as an entrepreneur, you should be staling your claim in the gold rush of our generation. Don't stop just go and execute your idea.
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