Monday, June 1, 2020

Anonymous is back again : this time targeting Minneapolis Police Department, Trump and many public figures.

Despite all the chaos that's been happening in the US, the hacktivist collectives have made a shocking return. Anonymous.

Anonymous is back

Anonymous is back- This is one of the hottest topics surfacing on the Social Media Platforms. On the 29th of May, Anonymous posted a video on their Facebook account issuing warning to the Meniapolic Police Department responsible for the deliberate killing of George Floyd (An African Black Men).

In the video, a person speaking with an Anonymous mask on and with the computer-generated robotic audio is issuing a warning to the Meniapolic Police department and coneys that Anonymous is gearing up to wage up a war against the responsible police department.

Along with that, Anonymous also posted on several Social media platforms stating that it will disclose the proofs of severe wrongdoing against these people this poses a threat and it may have worried many public figures already. The hacktivist collective has also taken down the official website of the Meniapolic Police department.

In this message, Anonymous criticizes the US police system and states that they do not trust the police to deliver justice. The message ends with the usual warning, "We are legion. Expect us."

In addition to this, there's a tweet that has gained so much popularity which claims that Chicago police department radios got hacked and Anonymous is held responsible for hacking the Chicago police department radios and playing music on them so the cops can't communicate about protests.

Some people would not be aware of who is anonymous. I'll try to explain this briefly to them. 

Who are anonymous?

Anonymous is a decentralized group of international hacktivist collectives. They are not a part of any country or organization and are known to not follow any structural hierarchy or power. They are responsible for many cyberattacks against various governments, government institutions, and government agencies, ISIS, corporations, and the Church of Scientology. 

Prior to any move, anonymous is seen warning the institution they are targeting with the help of video messages. They are the firm believer in the fact that the Internet should not be censored. They originated in the early 2000s.
Anonymous are the ones who popularized the Guy Fawkes market, a style adopted from V from Vendetta, as a part of identity in both the real and virtual worlds.

Top 10 achievement of Anonymous

  1. Operation Ice ISIS
  2. Operation Charlie Hebdo
  3. The Steubenville Rape Case
  4. The Judge Rotenberg Center
  5. Operation Russia
  6. Operation Darknet
  7. The Iranian Election Protests
  8. Project Chanology
  9. The Chris Forcand Arrest
  10. The Hal Turner Raid
Read more about these here

Are they good or evil?

Well, who claims there, right? They're Anonymous and thus are beyond the concept of "Good vs. Evil."

Anonymous is just a loose organization of hacktivists who don't bother breaking the law to achieve the agenda of their group. They don't follow any structured hierarchy or don't have any leader or specified members. They work similarly to the way a terrorist organization works. They work as small cells that can disappear as fast as they appeared. So anyone can claim to be anonymous and start their own cell and do disruptive work online.
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