Wednesday, June 3, 2020

All about Android 11

Last year Google's Android 10 update was considered a significant shift for the mobile operating system. Not only we receive the dark mode and many more updates, but also we saw a substantial change in the icon and naming system of Googles android. Google made a shift from a traditional naming system based on desserts to the number system starting from 10.

Now continuing with the same principles, google is all set to launch its new os update, i.e., Android 11. Based on the developer's preview which had been rolled out since a while we are going to discuss what all new features Google is planning to deliver this time

Developers preview release

February 19 was the first date when the developers got a chance to access and use the latest android 11 preview, which provided a glimpse of the newest icon and the features. On March 18, they rolled out the second developer preview after instilling new features and fixing all the bugs. After fixing more bugs and polishing the os, Google released another update on April 23. It was considered as the last developer preview until Google surprised everyone with the release of developer preview four on May 8 due to delay in the version of the new OS due to ongoing global pandemic.

As a developer, based on what I got to know so far, I am going to discuss all the details of the new Android 11. Android is getting better and better from the last few updated.

Screen recording

One of the most awaited features of Android OS is here in this new update. People were forced to use third-party applications to record the screen, and they have been patiently waiting for this update from years, and finally, Google has decided to roll out this feature in the latest android 11 update.

The recording feature of google has two toggle options to record touch and to record audio with the video.

Adapting to different types of displays

This update was done keeping in mind the concept of new foldable smartphones, which was introduced by Samsung in the technology market. After this update, the android will now be officially fully capable of adapting to different screen types.

The other significant advantage of this update is the more precise use of the fast refresh rates of the new powerful mobile displays. After the developer 2 preview, the developers are now given the freedom to select the refresh rates their app will work on. This will force the application to work on the refresh rate chosen till the time user is using it.

5G support

The new android is all set to cope with the 5g speeds. It uses a particular API named. "Dynamic Meterdness API" that allows the android to use the 5G to the fullest. The internet speeds of 5g networks are just incredible, and this API ensures that the device takes full advantage of the 5g.

One time permission

The previous version of android ie, android 10, was excellent at handling the permissions, and google polished it to bring the new update to the all-new android 11.
Android 11 now supports one-time permission that means the app will have access to the permission granted only till the instance of the app is there in the memory.users will now have better control over the application.

Messaging improved

The default messaging app now includes chat bubbles the feature which Facebook and other messengers had been using for so long. You can now move the bubbles around like we used to do in the Facebook messenger app and tap on them to reveal the chat.

Android now has a dedicated section for the messages in the notification section to make your messaging experience better. The basic idea for this was that your messages should stand out from the rest of the notifications.


Google is all set to release Android 11 packed with new features some of them being improving screen adaptability, using 5G to the fullest, on-screen recording, messaging improved, control over permissions and many more.
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