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Entering in Mobile Application development world | How? is it worth? jobs opportunities? in Mobile Application World

"How to get started?
Where to get started from?
Is this technology worth learning?
Will it help me in the future and provide me with a secure job? "

These are some questions every beginner who is going to put their very first steps in the field of technology thinks of. Keeping all these questions in mind, we will head towards the content and talking about Mobile app development, which is a prevalent tech topic nowadays as a reference.

Mobile application development is one of the most popular topics going on nowadays, with the rapid increase in the smart mobile industry in the last few years, this field experienced a significant boom. It all started with three major competitors in the market, i.e. Android, IOS, Windows. Out of these windows has officially stopped their support, and now at present, we are only left out with two major competitors in the market.


Lets clear out some significant doubts and try to explain, and here comes the first question HOW TO GET STARTED? The best answer one can give to this question is to stop procrastination. As soon as you encounter some questions in your mind(how this was made, whats the basic functionality behind this ) go and research, this will only arouse interest in you. For example, let's talk about Android Native app development, there's a top-rated app named WhatsApp, and everyone uses it. Have you ever thought of hows that scrolling work or how it receives the message as soon as you put your connection on or how these tabs were implemented or how in the earlier version the profile pic was square and now it's in circle shape? If the answer is yes, then you have already started. All you need is some research and find a way out to achieve that goal.


The next question, everyone must be thinking of, and it isn't a tough question. All you need is some motivation and dedication and an internet connection that's all about it. Android native app development, for example, has its own official documentation, which is updated with every new release and many resources are also available on youtube and other leading online learning platforms.


That's a tricky question too, but the answer is the same and straightforward, i.e. research. Here we can take an example of Flutter, trending nowadays. Flutter is the latest SDK for developing a native mobile application by google, but the point here is, should we move to it and learn it or not??. Also, mind you that there's already a competitor of Flutter in the market, i.e. react native, and it is somewhat performing similar tasks and has already captured the whole market. Here comes the most crucial part, and that's the research work and what we need to do here to see the trends going in the market. We have to do research whether the companies are accepting this new tech or not or whether it is creating some employment opportunities or not or whether old developers are switching to it or not or whether the output created is better or not or last. If you find the answer's to these questions, then you are good to go.

I just wanted to say that you go with the technology that pleases you. Eventually, you'll gain more experience, and then you can see lots of opportunities automatically coming toward you.

Android is unquestionably a top platform with regards to mobile application development. As per one review, Android's share of the cell phone will achieve 80% by 2020 in India and talking about the whole world Android has 70.6%, whereas ios have a 28.8% share. In this way, it gets to be distinctly vital for each developer to watch out for changing trends in Mobile application development, keeping in mind the end goal to give purchasers quality mobile user experience.


Time to look at what we actually learned. Mobile Applications development can come handy whenever we require or need to develop custom mobile applications for both Android and iOS. In fact, it is much easier to learn Mobile Application development if using proper resources. However, if you prefer this article, bookmark this URL to come at any later point of time if required.

I also write articles on Flutter and other coding concepts. You can have a look at them here.

So, What is your favourite technology stack right now?

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